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Activity 255-257 Hung Vuong Vinh Trung Da Nang, Vietnam Published on: 26-05-2018

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Big C Da Nang is a popular supermarket where you can buy everything you need for your journey in a nice and modern environment

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Why Big C is special ?

Big C Supercenter operates business in the form of "Hypermarket" or "Supercenter", a modern retail business which is managed under the umbrella of Casino group. It is one of the major retailers in the world, with over 307.000 employees working in more than 12.000 stores, in Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, France, Madagascar and Mauritius. Today, Big C has a total of 26 stores all around Vietnam.

With more than 8.000 staffs, Big C offers a clean, comfortable shopping environment with a wide assortment of goods available at reasonable prices and provides an outstanding customer service in order to ensure the winning business strategy. Additionally, Big C provides a one-stop shopping experience to customers with a wide range of useful services at all stores.

What to explore at Big C?

At Big C, the majority of the space is devoted to the sale of consumer goods at low prices and good quality. Products available in a Big C store can be divided into 5 main categories, as follows:

Fresh Food: meats, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, delicatessen, frozen food, dairy products, bakery.

Dry Food: seasonings and condiments, beverages, soft drinks, liquor, snacks, personal stuffs, cleaning products, pet food and accessories.

Clothing and Accessories: men’s, women’s, children’s and infant’s clothing as well as shoes and handbags.

Electric Appliances: a wide range of electric appliances including fridge, washing machine, air conditioner, kitchen appliances, home entertainment equipment, computers and IT equipment.

Home Décor and Accessories: furniture, kitchenware, plastic storage items and utensils, decorative items, home improvement, maintenance tools and supplies, automobile and motorcycle accessories, sporting goods and toys.

How to get to Big C?

Big C supermarket lies on Hung Vuong street, at the intersection with Ong Ich Khiem street. From Danang Train station, you can walk about 750m along Hoang Hoa Tham to reach the place. From Danang International airport, the best way to reach Big C is hail a taxi.

Selling points

  • Shopping heaven for everyone
  • Clean, modern and professional
  • Great option for your shopping
  • Fantastic place to shop with locals
  • A complex of retail trade and entertainment
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255-257 Hung Vuong Vinh Trung Da Nang, Vietnam

Meeting point

Agency Office

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Tips for you

  • Cashiers close near 10pm, so you should be hurry to pay in time before, because the mall closes too. And you will have to go out through the underground parking lot.
    Things to do
  • Big C offers free shuttle service, but you should check the bus route at their Customer Service table or on their website.
  • There is a sewing machine outside the fitting room and clothes can be adjusted for free.
  • Don't bring a bag bigger than your wallet, they'll have you leave it by the counter. Padlocks are faulty.
    What to bring
  • You should beware that the place is always full of locals rushing for groceries with happy children running around.
  • Adjacent is Parkson, a nicer department store where you can access by a footbridge on the fourth floor.
    Things nearby
  • The parking fee at Big C is 1000 VND per bike, 2000 VND per motorbike and 10000 VND per car.


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This is our goto supermarket in Da Nang. I can confirm that it is not as large as Big C at Hue. Still pretty good. Yes the air-conditioning is not great, On arrival if you’re on a motorbike parking is under the plaza and costs 2000 dong which you pay on exiting. Big C is on the 2nd and 3rd floors you go into the supermarket on the 2nd and have to go up a ramped escalator from inside to the 3rd floor which is a Variety store, we have purchased essentials upstairs such as sandals and items of clothing. There is a sewing machine outside the fitting room and clothes can be adjusted for free which is cool. Anyway on the 2nd floor is a KFC and a food store owned by BIG C we often have a 5000 dong choc top softserve at KFC as a refresher before entering. You must leave any bags at the lockers before entering, you are given a ticket with a number to retrieve your belongings, You are asked not to leave money or phones in the checked bags, staff are always nice. Womens handbags are wrapped in clingfilm (plastic wrap) so items cannot put into bags. If you need a calculator to convert to your own currency carry it in your pocket. As I say the main attraction is having prices and knowing that you are paying the same as the locals. Also gives you some idea how much you should approximately be paying when shopping at Hoi An or elsewhere if it’s twice Big C it’s too much. CGV cinema is on the top floor. Someone else’s review said they thought it was the only supermarket in Da Nang there are 2 others that we know of. METRO which is like a cash and carry and you are meant to be members we haven’t been in there, a couple of expats have said they use it all the time. There is also LOTTE which we have used it’s not as big as Big C, like anywhere prices vary between the supermarkets, Big C has a larger Fruit and Veg section, parking is free at LOTTE and has a cinema on the top floor and a bowling alley (remember to take your own socks, I don’t fancy renting socks with my shoes easy to forget as you always tend to where open shoes due to the heat.) Hit like if this helps

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Be careful with your properties. The thiefs always ready to take from you

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Shopping vui ve

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Do phong phu, trung bay bat mat

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Tiny food court that serve subpar fast food. Crowded supermarket, have good variety of goods and foodstuff. Good for the local. Not worth visiting.

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Good place to take load for your home or travel. This is 4 storey supermarket near Con market. The first thing I have to say that it was very clean. There were a variety of goods, all kind of good differ from brand to price. The staff were nice too. I went there to buy some food, but I finally bought a lot of things: clothes, fruit, fresh fish, fastfood, and even books….This place have everything you need for your trip. The fourth floor is an entertainment center including a theater and game area.

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