Big Buddha

Attraction Sataranaprayot road,Na Kluea, Pattaya, Thailand Published on: 13-11-2015

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Big Buddha is extremely popular with tour groups who love to see the intricate design of the statue and the temple complex

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Why Big Buddha is special ?

Big Buddha Hill is the place that situates the biggest image of Buddha in Chonburi Province, where its height is about 300 foot. It was established in 1977. This Buddha image is called Luang Phor Yhai by Thai people.

There is a huge image of Buddha at the top of the hill, so visitors can notice it from a distant location. The image of Buddha is even more incredible when look at it closely as it is absolutely huge. Each day a lot of visitors go to respect the image in order to have good things and good times in their lives, according the religion believed. There are also a pavilion hall and smaller different style images of Buddha on the top of the hill, around the huge image. The location of Wat Phra Yai is near Pattaya City, approximately 2.5 Kilometers from South Pattaya


What to explore at Big Buddha?

At the entrance of Wat Phra Yai, there is a not too short and not too long stair to get to see the big Buddha image on the hilltop. There are also a pavement and a number of bells around the hill. Visitors can look around the city view either on this pavement or on the courtyard at the hilltop. Once visitors walk through the stair, they will see a very large gold-color Buddha image in front of them. They will also able to see the smaller images of Budha around the courtyard, and the pavilion hall on the right hand side. Visitors can use incense provided to respect the big Buddha image as well.


How to get to Big Buddha?

The location of Big Buddha Hill is on the hilltop of Pattaya Hill (not the Phra Tamnuk side). It is near Suan Chaloemphrakiat and Wang Sam Sien. Visitors can go there by a Songthaew or a motocycle taxi, or even a walk if they like to do exercise though.


Selling points

  • Nice Buddha on top of a mountain overlooking Pattaya
  • Good scenery of Pattaya
  • A beautiful place to visit
  • A nice photo opportunity
  • The largest idol of Lord Buddha
4 days in Pattaya for backpackers

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Sataranaprayot road,Na Kluea, Pattaya, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • You can go there by a Songthaew or a motocycle taxi, or even a walk if they like to do exercise though.
  • Try to get / rent a car or motorbike is the best options to ravel but be careful on the road. Quite dangerous
  • Do not buy any souvenirs from here as they are very costly
  • You can see the city of Pattaya from the top. You can also have great sunrise and sunset view - must go with family. Look at a temple down below to see a very funny monkey teasing a temple dog.
    What to see
  • Food and drink available near the Buddha with cheap prices. Should try
  • No dress code needed. For the ladies, you do need to cover up or you can make a donation and a wrap will be provided for you.
    What to wear
  • If you go there in the cool on a quiet day it is lovely to meditate You should be guaranteed to see the locals meditating while your there
  • There are toilets and places to purchase water around
  • Good to visit early in the morning before the tourist buses turn up.
  • Do not come here in early afternoon. This place very hot.
  • Make sure you go at a cool time of day
  • There is also a Chinese temple and grounds next door which is worth a visit a nice places to visit for a hour or so
    Things nearby
  • There's free parking
  • Bring your hat and water a must
    What to bring
  • Must visit the view at the top as you can see all of pattaya the statues of the buddas are really good. Make sure you walk around the outside of the temple as there are lots of other statues and unusual items.
    Things to do
  • Don’t buy the birds
    Things to do


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I just love the Buddhist culture. The pure souls that bless this place, the monks of this fine temple, are and experience in itself. The wonderful statues & view is something to behold. Worth the walk up the many stairs to the top. We got blessed in a very spiritual ceremony, try it.

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