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Attraction Pattaya, Thailand Published on: 13-11-2015

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Pattaya Beach Road is a mixture of strolling along the beach, shopping, eating and night life. Quite in the north end. Beach Road follows Pattaya Bay.

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Why Beach road is special ?

Pattaya Beach Road is a mixture of strolling along the beach, shopping, eating and night life. Quite in the north end. Beach Road follows Pattaya Bay. On one side are businesses and the other is Pattaya Beach with a sidewalk for your walking pleasure

Best time to head to beach road is about half hour after the sun drops and the girls have all just arrived to the beach. Beach Road is 3km long but most of the freelancers typically stand between soi’s 7 right down through to walking street Pattaya but can be found along the entire length of the strip. Some of the better looking girls I’ve seen are up to top north end of the road across from the more expensive hotels.


What to explore at Beach road?

There are blue pickup trucks that act like a bus and you can hop on one to travel the length of the road for a measly 10 baht. This is good when it’s super hot but driving a bike down the road and finding parking isn’t difficult either just be careful of the Motorcycle taxi drivers who like to speed down the road so they can get back to their stand and in queue for another job.

The biggest attraction of Beach road is hardly the beach itself nor is it the jet skis or the para-sailing and unless of course your a Russian holiday maker the real attraction is the endless number of cheap freelance prostitutes that line the footpath of beach road. The girls either sit where they can or stand and call out for the attention of potential customers that pass by. The girls can be found there during the day but are in greater numbers during the evenings.

The kind of working girl you find on Beach road though is probably the lowest kind of prostitute there is in Pattaya. Desperate and definitely not of the best quality is a good place for those who like to seek a cheap bargain. Anything you find on Beach road is price negotiable never go for the said price always lower it. Not all girls here can go long time either most are sideline girls that have other commitments.

Hang out long enough on Beach Road and you’ll start to notice one or more interesting things happen. The boyfriend of one of the street walkers hangs around in the background as motivation for the girl. The boyfriend is basically a pimp but rarely has more than the one girl working


How to get to Beach road?

Beach Road starts at the Pattaya North Traffic circle (round about) and goes south all the way to Walking Street. As you drive down the one way street from the round about to walking street the beach will be on your right and to the left will be sois numbered 1 through to 13.

Selling points

  • Interesting and some good places to eat
  • An interesting walk
  • Enjoy the evening stroll
  • A great place to walk at night
  • Excellent place to roam around day & night
4 days in Pattaya for backpackers

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Pattaya, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • Keep your cash left side while walk from right, keep your cash right side if you walk from left.
    Things to do
  • Beach road has every thing right from the beach to cafes to 5 star hotels to massage parlours to bars to ladies to street shopping.
    Things to do
  • The beach quite narrow and too crowed in peak time. That seem not good to relax in this time.
  • Try those Fresh Fruit Juice packed in small white plastic bottles they are really refreshing, sip on a coconut or just get a drink from those Mobile, Flashy Van Shaped Bars
  • If you want to go there, go early morning (7-8am) when the road is not that crowded and the sun is still waking up :) Not so burning hot
  • Be carefull crossing road. Do not rented jet ski at all from this place because it quite boring and expensive. At dark there are lots of rats on the curbs closest to the beach,be ware if you are scare.
  • Beach road is the most expensive place to buy clothes rent motorcykle or buy other stuff, just go one street up to second road and you'll save about 20% and if you go up one more to Soi Bukau you'll save another 10-15%
  • Carry sufficient drinking water. Bring your camera.
    What to bring
  • Very nice quiet street in the morning and night life flourishes. Should come in this time.
  • Nice at sunset time for walk , fresh juices and drinks avalible lots of vendors and sellers
  • Security at night can be an issue along the beach front just use common sense and stay out of dodgy dark areas and try to walk in a group. Be very careful with pickpockets and lady boy criminals.
  • Be smart, the edge of the beach and secluded areas makes it a prime location for anyone doing illegal activities. People will try to sell you drugs, prostitutes, contraband pretty much anything you can think of
  • There are many commercial centers and shops, you should to visit the Central Pattaya mall is the best in pattaya.
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Like most beaches everywhere here too one is exposed to a variety of sights, sounds and smells. Scantly clad beach-goers including many who never venture out in public so undressed, plenty on shops, stalls and kiosks selling most everything, street food is abundant and Pattaya's Beach Road seem to vibrate with life round the clock! I like to sit somewhere along the road/walkway and observe the people and happenings! I find this extremely interesting! Try it out!

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