Bao Dai's Palace

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Bao Dai’s third palace is around two kilometers from the city center, built at a great vantage in a wooded area that used to be prime hunting grounds.

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Why Bao Dai's Palace is special ?

Completed in 1938, this monument to bad taste provided Bao Dai, Vietnam's last emperor, with a place of rest and respite with his family. It has never been restored and, indeed, looks veritably untouched since the emperor's ousting and hasty exile. On a busy weekend in high season, you might get a rush by imagining you're there to liberate the place and are part of the looting masses -- that's not hard to imagine, with the crowds ignoring any velvet ropes and posing for pictures in the aging velvet furniture. You'll be asked to go in stockinged feet or wear loose shoe covers, which makes it fun for sliding around the home's 26 rooms, including Bao Dai's office and the bedrooms of the royal family. You can still see the grease stains on Bao Dai's hammock pillow and the ancient steam bath in which he soaked. The explanations are in English, and most concern Bao Dai's family. There is pathos in reading them and piecing together the mundane fate of the former royals: This prince has a "technical" job, while that one is a manager for an insurance company. There are three other Bao Dai palaces in town, the Sofitel Dalat Palace Hotel among them, but this is the most choice.


What to explore at Bao Dai's Palace?

Visiting this 2 stories structure, travelers will have a chance to discover the living of the royal family through 25 rooms and its amenities. The ground floor is the working place of the king. It consists of the office room, the guest room and the reception room. Upstairs is the living space of the king and his family. The bedroom of the king also has a gorgeous balcony called the watching moon balcony where the king and the queen could appreciate the moonlight. Each of the room reflects the characteristics and status of the owner: the eldest son's room is painted yellow and considered luxurious at that time, the Queen's room can be easily identified with her feminine touch

Inside the palace, there are many valuable items still preserved in good condition. They include several sculptures of royal family, the life-size white bust of Bao Dai himself and a smaller gold and brown bust of his father Khai Dinh, picture of Angkor Wat given to King Bao Dai by King Sihanouk of Cambodia and an engraved glass map of Vietnam, to name a few.


How to get to Bao Dai's Palace?

Bao Dai Summer’s Palace is considered one of the most famous attractions of the Da Lat. Visitors can easily get there in a few minutes from Dalat central market by taxi or xe om. The opening time is from 7 to 11am and 1.30 to 4pm. The entry fee is US$1. There is an additional fee for bringing camera. Shoes must be removed at door.


Selling points

  • Amused by the art deco style
  • Old and colorful palace
  • Old House rather than Palace
  • Some History Included
  • Lovely summer villa
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  • The grounds very nice for walking and relaxing.
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  • You can walk to many rooms with seeing the decoration and garden.
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  • With a guide you can learn more about Bao Dai and his place in Vietnamese history.
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Take an hour or less to see the art deco style summer home, not a palace in any sense of the word, of Bao Dai. Signage and descriptions in English are included so you get a bit of a history lesson. Gardens are nice. Lots of trees so a good place for a brief rest before heading off to your next site.

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