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Attraction Banana Reef, North Male Atoll, Maldives Published on: 13-11-2015

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Banana Reef in North Male Atoll was the first dive site to be discovered in the Maldives continues to be one of the most popular.

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Why Banana Reef is special ?

Banana Reef in North Male Atoll was the first dive site to be discovered in the Maldives continues to be one of the most popular. The reef is shaped like a banana, hence it was called the banana reef. The dive, which ranges in depth from 5 to 30 meters, has several interesting characteristics including a pinnacle and some overhangs. Coral formations here are prolific and colorful, attracting an extensive variety of fish, including squirrelfish, bannerfish and oriental sweetlips. Currents can be strong at times around the reef, with occasional turbulence occurring around the overhangs. As such, the use of a surface balloon is recommended.


What to explore at Banana Reef?

Banana Reef is a protected area famous for its fantastic diving opportunities and wealth of marine life that resides here. Divers can expect to see some magnificent corals around which groper, sharks, jackfish, blue-striped snapper and barracuda roam. Some areas are well suited to snorkelling while on dry land visitors can enjoy the locations splendid cliffs and caves. The Protected Marine Area of Banana Reef has a bit of everything: dramatic cliffs, caves and overhangs; brilliant coral growths; big predators. It was one of the first dive sites in the country to become internationally known. The reef top is excellent for snorkeling.


How to get to Banana Reef?

You can get to "Banana Reef" by taking speed boat. The cost and the time to Banana reef will depend on the resort where you are living.

Selling points

  • Fantastic dive site
  • Night dive to the bottom of sea
  • The best diving spot in the area
  • Fantastic marine life
  • One of many excellent reefs in North Male Atol
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Banana Reef, North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Tips for you

  • In order to have the best view, you should choose a suitable time. You can ask the local also the diving center for more detail.
    Things to do
  • If you're lucky, you can witness a few shy turtles at this reef.
    What to see
  • Underwater camera is available for hire at the diving center or the resort, you should hire one to record the beauty of the reef.
    What to bring
  • You should be careful of the current and shallow water especially for novice snorkelling.
  • Banana Reef is located inside the atoll, north of Male, pass the airport and west of Farukolhu Fushi.
  • Some resorts can show you another fake "Banana reef" rather than a real one. You should find some information about the reef to avoid scams.


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This is by far the best snorkeling I have ever experienced. The amount of marine life, the colors, the coral, the temperature of the water was amazing. I saw Moray Eels, Blowfish, Giant Clams and so much more. On the way out I dozens of dolphins escorted us and jumped out of the water...amazing. There is a very strong current and it is in the middles of the ocean. An absolute must tough if you can get there.

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One of the best dive site around male atoll

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