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Attraction 32 Anda St Intramuros, Manila Metro Manila Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Bahay Tsinoy is a museum located in the Intramuros section of Manila which presents the story of the Chinese in Philippine history.

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Why Bahay Tsinoy is special ?

The Bahay Tsinoy (bahay=house, Tsinoy or Chinoy=a Filipino of Chinese ancestry) is a museum located in the Intramuros (Old Walled City) section of Manila. Housed within the Kaisa-Angelo King Heritage Center building, the museum documents the history, lives and contributions of the Chinese in the Philippine life and history.

The museum was designed by Eva Penamora in collaboration with the late architect Honrado Fernandez in 1996, and completed and inaugurated in 1999. Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran, Inc., a non-profit organization co-founded by Teresita Ang-See, envisioned the project to provide another venue for advocating patriotism to the Philippines and promoting cultural identity and understanding between the local Chinese and Filipino communities, after the acclaimed bi-lingual children's educational television program Pinpin in the early 90's.


What to explore at Bahay Tsinoy?

The vast Bahay Tsinoy museum showcases the important role played by the sangley, as the Spanish called the Chinese, in the growth of Manila (sangley means ‘itinerant merchant’ in the locally prevailing Hokkien dialect). There are lifelike dioramas depicting Chinese and mestizo (mixed Spanish-Filipino) life in the parian (ghettos), old coins and porcelain, and an excellent collection of photos.

The Bahay Tsinoy helps the visitor trace Chinese influences on the Philippines from the earliest days to the present including displays on pre-Spanish Chinese trading, the Spanish era, the establishment of “parians” or Chinese ghettos, the Galleon trade which brought valuable goods from China to Europe through Manila, and the rise of Chinese Filipinos into the uppermost echelons of business and government.


How to get to Bahay Tsinoy?

You can ride LRT-1 (yellow line) from north stations namely Roosevelt, Balintawak, Monumento and other station. Get off at Carriedo Station then ride jeepney infront of Santa Cruz Church bound to Pier and get off at Bahay Tsinoy. You can also get off at Central Terminal Metro Station, the nearest station toward the museum and walk about 1.5km to reach the place (1.5km).

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  • A Must-See
  • Best museum in Intramorus, Manila
  • Interesting and Informative
  • A must go place for the Tsinoys
  • Chinese filipino heritage museum
3  nice days in Manila with my family

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32 Anda St Intramuros, Manila Metro Manila Philippines

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Tips for you

  • Outside, It's so noisy and crowded because of the traffic.
  • You shouldn't touch any items there. It's required to talk quietly and move slowly.
    Things to do
  • Don't miss the top floor, which can look closed to the average visitor but has a nice hologram movie and presentations. You can watch short movies there and see figures of Chinese and Filipinos.
    What to see
  • You can't bring foods and drinks inside the museum.
    What to bring
  • It's allowed to take pictures there.
  • The museum is fully air-conditioned
  • You should be aware of pickpockets outside.
  • It is very near san agustin church and museum.
    Things nearby
  • There is also a parking area below.


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If you want to learn a lot about history of chinoys, this is the place to be!!!

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Entrance fee: Php 100 - adults, 60 - children and students

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If you wanna learn a lot about our history. One place to visit is the bahay tsinoy. ?

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Lovely museum of Chinese/Philippine culture and history. Very much worth a visit; don't miss the top floor, which can look closed to the average visitor but has a nice hologram movie and presentations

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This is a wonderful place to visit while you have time in Manila area. It is also very educational and I learned a lot about history especially re: our Filipino-Chinese heritage. The wax statues and displays all look very realistic. There is also a parking area below.

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if youd like to learn about the history of the chinese in the philippines then this a museum to visit. it is very near san agustin church and museum.

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It was a very enlightening experience. The museum gives the history of the Chinese people who came to the country. One will be surprised how humble their start was in the Philippines.A must see for Fil-Chi.

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While in the Intramuros section of Manila, if you have the time, you must see the Tsinoy Museum (Chinese & Pinoy). It gives you a valuable window into the beginning history and subsequent growth of the 2 cultures, plus the American and Spanish influence over the years. You will better understand the Philippines and appreciate its people more when you spend the better part of a day with their ancestors. For 150 pesos you gain valuable and powerful insights into this culture. This will help you travel, live, work and enjoy the people here a little easier.

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Trace Chinese influences on the Philippines from the earliest days and the subsequent growth of Tsinoys over the years. Oh! Nostalgia.

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