Bagua Mountain Scenic Area

Attraction No.8-1, Bagua Rd., Zhanghua City, Changhua, Taiwan Published on: 02-11-2016

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Bagua Mountain Scenic Area features lush greenery and beautiful day and night views. It is a great place to go for wandering fun and beautiful flowers

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How to get to Bagua Mountain Scenic Area?

By bus:

At the Changhua Train Station, go along the Kuanfoo Road. Then, turn to Chungsun Road and you can reach Pakua Mountain's foothill. Go up the roads along the slope to the destination.

At the Changhua Train Station, take the local bus no 6 to Pakuo Mountain. Buses leave every 20 to 30 minutes.




No.8-1, Bagua Rd., Zhanghua City, Changhua, Taiwan

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Tips for you

  • There is a tourist centre, multi-media centre, community cultural exhibitions, gift shops, restaurants and some attractive park areas
    Things nearby
  • The koi pond is definitely a nice spot for photos or just a relaxing break.


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A very serene place to visit when compared to other statues in both Taiwan and other parts of Asia. Lovely views over the surrounding area and lots of lovely statues around the main statue. The statue does need some minor maintenance after a typhoon but nothing that should stop anyone from visiting. For those that wish, you can make a small donation and write your name on a candle and then light it and thenmake a wish/prayer depending on your beliefs.

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The Taiwanese have a propensity for naming hills as mountains, so if you are worried this might be an arduous trek up a steep peak, you don't have to worry. It's a 15-25 min walk from the train station in Changhua and the paths up to the Buddha at the top meander through a beautiful forested park. There are so many winding paved paths around this hill that you can easily spend a whole day enjoying the walks. At the top is a wonderful temple and the famous black Sakya Buddha. The atmosphere is great, with lots of friendly, non-hassling vendors selling souvenirs and typical Taiwanese street food (try the quail eggs!) The gardens around the temple are lovely and there's a koi pool hidden around the back. Overall a very worthwhile visit to Changhua!

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