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Back Beach is well-known for its over 10 km of fine sand seaside. It is always excited and busy with almost tourists both from the city itself and the world.

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Why Back Beach is special ?

Back beach (or Thuy Van beach). Back Beach is well-known for its over 10 km of fine sand seaside. The beach is always excited and busy with almost tourists both from the city itself and the world. At weekends or on holidays, there are thousands of people coming here for swimming and entertainment. In Bai Sau, there is a popular kind of entertainment: Paradis, the upgraded swimming and relaxing area, and a system of modern hotels, welcoming all tourists.

The main tourist beach of Vung Tau, Back Beach is better maintained than Front Beach and features more conveniences for visitors. 3km in length, the beach features higher end venues, such as upscale hotels, restaurants and beach clubs, as well as local vendors renting umbrellas and other small goods.


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  • Back Beach has everything
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  • There are deck chairs you can pay to sit on.


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“Back Beach has everything.” Back Beach cuts a gentle curve into Vung Tau island along the complete length of the east coast of the island. It is a little more than 10 kilometres long, so it is a big beach. The French called this beach La Plage de Derriere. Today the common Vietnamese name for this beach is the direct Vietnamese translation of the French name, Bãi Sau - behind, back, rear, backside, bottom or other side beach. And this is where the English name derives, Back Beach. It is obvious that the history of Vung Tau island has decided that this half of the island is the back. It implies being less important than the other side of the island which has Front Beach. This is strange; reverse to conventional thinking. When Vung Tau island is viewed on a map it is obvious that the Back Beach side of the island faces the impressively beautiful Eastern Sea (formerly the South China Sea). Shouldn’t that be the front? It is strange that we are even having this discussion about possible names, because the real Vietnamese name for this beach is Thùy Vân, a much more romantic name than bottom or backside! The most commonly used portion of Back Beach is the three or four kilometers of beach at the most southern end. The most southern extremity of Vung Tau island is The Point. Until recently, The Point was off limits to the public, but just last weekend my wife and I spent a wonderful couple of hours out on the bluff portion of The Point. Wow, what views! The Point marks the southernmost end of Back Beach. Just offshore from The Point is Hon Ba (Woman) Island. During low tide it is possible to walk to Hon Ba Island. In fact, on lucky days this is one of the luckiest shrines to pray at in Vung Tau. Back Beach is the most popular beach on the island. It never feels too crowded though due to its size. Back Beach is home to an annual International Kite Festival. At these times the beach and the sky burst with colour and fun. Food and drink vendors ply the beach, while across the road there are many, many, many restaurants, bars and hotels. Parts of Back Beach is still a working fishing beach so expect to see fishing boats and fishing families throughout the day. If you are arriving from Ho Chi Minh City by ferry and you have baggage, take a taxi. Turn right out of the ferry terminal. This is a great place to explore, so come and visit Back Beach for a few days

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