Atomic Bomb Dome

Attraction 1-10 Otemachi Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0051 Japan Published on: 27-02-2016

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The Atomic Bomb Dome is a skeletal domed building in Hiroshima City which still stands to commemorate the dropping of the atomic bomb.

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Why Atomic Bomb Dome is special ?

The Genbaku Dome is the ruin of the former Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall that was destroyed when the first nuclear weapon/atomic bomb in human history was dropped by an American air force bomber on August 6, 1945. Because the atomic blast was almost directly above this spot, the walls of the building were partially spared from destruction, and the characteristic form of the building remained with the iron frame of the dome. This building representing Hiroshima, the first city to fall victim to nuclear bombing is registered as a world heritage site as a symbol of prayer for permanent world peace and the elimination of all nuclear weapons. There are only a few world heritage sites having this kind of negative side, including "Auschwitz = Birkenau Concentration Camp (Poland)" where the Nazi Germans slaughtered Jewish people, the "Island of Goree (Senegal)" that was used as a base in the slave trade and "Robben Island (Republic of South Africa)" where people opposed to apartheid were imprisoned. These sites are registered to remind us of the tragedies that occurred there and to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.


What to explore at Atomic Bomb Dome?

Between the Museum and the A-Bomb Dome is the Cenotaph for the A-Bomb Victims. The Cenotaph is an arched tomb for those who died because of the bomb, either because of the initial blast or exposure to radiation. Below the arch is a stone chest holding a register of these names, of which there are over 220,000.

Every year on the anniversary of the bomb, a ceremony is held at the park. Speeches are made, wreathes are laid at the Cenotaph, and a moment of silence is observed at 8:15 am, the precise moment of detonation. Other activities occur throughout the day, and many staff are employed to help foreign visitors.


How to get to Atomic Bomb Dome?

The building is located in the northeast corner of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The streetcar stop, Genbaku-Domu-Mae, is in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome.

From Hiroshima Station, the most convenient way to reach Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is by street car. Get on a street car bound for Miyajima(#2) or Eba(#6). The stop for the park, Genbaku Dome-Mae, will be announced in English.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is a 5 minute walk from the Hiroshima Bus Terminal in Sogo. Simply enter Shareo, the underground shopping mall, to cross the street and follow the signs.


Selling points

  • Experience how an atomic bomb effects people
  • UNESCO heritage site
  • The symbol of Hiroshima
  • Begin your peace park tour here
  • The Sole Remaining Ruin
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1-10 Otemachi Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0051 Japan

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Tips for you

  • The dome is very close to the Peace Park and can be seen from very far away.
    What to know
  • There are small placards around that give additional information.
  • There is a good display nearby showing pictures of the scene.
  • It is located right next to the peace park.
  • You can't walk through the building, but the surrounding path gives you clear 360 degree views.
  • The building is illuminated at night by floodlights
    What to see
  • You can walk around the entire dome and see the various monuments around it.
    What to see


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For all the wrong reasons, when you think of Hiroshima, you visualize the Dome. The Dome somehow manages to represent the catastrophe that occurred in Hiroshima. While maintaining its original appearance, one has to know that the building has been heavily reconstructed in order to keep it in tact. That does not diminish its profound symbolism, at all. Representing both death and life at the same time, standing next to the Dome one cannot help but feel humbled by it.

FourSquare View more

When standing in front of it and imagining what happened here a few decades ago, I get the chills...

Very somber experience. Be sure to check this out while in Hiroshima. You can take the JR bus around Hiroshima which is included as part of your JR rail pass. There were a number of school aged children when we went. This is something that has been preserved and will continue to be for future generations.

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