Artificial Beach

Attraction Artificial Beach, Male, Maldives Published on: 13-11-2015

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Artificial Beach, for most of people in Male, this is a place where they can go to have some fresh air.

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Why Artificial Beach is special ?

Artificial Beach, for people in Male, this is a place where they can go to have some fresh air. The Maldives is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches but its capital city Male is not blessed with beaches. So for the people of Male an artificial beach has been constructed. It receives hundreds of visitors in the late afternoon. Infact, the beach is now not just meant for enjoying an evening walk or a swim, but it also is gaining popularity as a number of entertainment and cultural activities take place here like carnivals, parades, different kinds of water sports, live music shows and so on.


What to explore at Artificial Beach?

Though, there are a number of beautiful white sandy beaches in Maldives, but its capital city, where all the commercial activities are carried out, is unfortunately not blessed with beaches. Artificial Beach is the only beach in Malé where you can chat with the locals in the afternoon, take a walk, listen to live music show, or enjoy various carnivals. At this Artificial Beach, you are free to enjoy the atmosphere and taste a lot of delicious local food nearby. The beach is always full of kids and tourists which deserves the best place to hide the heat in Male.


How to get to Artificial Beach?

The beach is reachable by foot , about 0.5 km from Hulhule Airport terminal. If you are somewhere in Male city, you can ride a bus, get off at the Artificial Beach Bus Stop (bus number 101, 402), or you can go by taxi.

Selling points

  • A nice place to hang out in Male City
  • Lovely little surprise in Male
  • Nice to chill and watch the world go by
  • Best place for the kids to play
  • Nice winds and cool shades around
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Artificial Beach, Male, Maldives

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Tips for you

  • There's a public toilet near the beach for visitors to use.
  • If you bring your luggage together with the trip, it's difficult to find a place to keep your luggage near AItificial Beach. You should contact your hotel to make some arrangements to keep your luggage.
    Things to do
  • There're a lot of sport facilities available at the beach for you to play with the locals.
  • You should remember local customs if you are going to swim and especial you are a lady. Men can wear a short but woman can’t wear bikini. It’s really prohibited in a Muslim country.
  • The best time to visit the beach is early in the morning at weekdays. Friday and Saturday is always crowded and full of people.
  • For foreign visitors, evening is a good time for swimming and snorkeling because it's less crowded than during the day. But you should be careful; it won't be a safe place at night.
  • There's a couple of decent cafes and restaurants overlooking the beach, and a skatepark close by.
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It does not sound very enticing, but this area is so fun to visit and its free so perfect for the kids to play and tire themselves out. It is near the swim track, which is also cordoned off from the sea, with stone blocks. That is also another spot to visit, and to go for light snorkelling!

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Super nice and great place, enjoying the blue water and watching kids playing around; at same time there is a cafe that serve the great masala tea.

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