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Shopping 688 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong Published on: 06-08-2016

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Argyle Centre is a shopping paradise for youngsters in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, mainly with shops selling fashion clothing and accessories.

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Why Argyle Centre Shopping Mall is special ?

Argyle Centre is a shopping paradise for youngsters in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, mainly with shops selling fashion clothing and accessories. Not many Hong Kong shopping malls have their own DJ, but Argyle Centre is not just any mall. On evenings and weekends, as music blares from the DJ booth, this 1970s-era mall becomes the pulsating heart of Hong Kong street style. Inside its walls, a labyrinthine collection of microscopic shops sell the hottest trends from Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

At peak times, the mall can be a sensory overload as tireless teenagers prowl around the endless maze of shops. It is worth braving the chaotic scene if for nothing other than the prices: clothes and accessories are significantly cheaper here than in Causeway Bay, and often less expensive than in the nearby Mongkok street markets.


What to explore at Argyle Centre Shopping Mall?

Argyle Centre is in the heart of prime shopping hub in Mongkok, a superbly accessible location with only a one minute walk from the Mongkok MTR Station. It is an important office-cum-retail centre in Mongkok.

The office level of Argyle Centre covers 14 floors. It offers diversified professional service including medical, traveling, accounting, legal, beauty and personal care services.

The five-storey shopping arcade comprises a 200 plus outlets offering diversified shopping experience in Mongkok. The trade mix of the retail space includes trendy fashion-oriented and trendy shoppers and fulfils customers’ every desire, making this prime retail area a must-visit destination for youngsters. Karaoke box, locates at 4/F and 5/F, is a wonderful place for entertainment and leisure for youngsters.


How to get to Argyle Centre Shopping Mall?

When you get to Mongkok station, take the Exit D2 and Argyle Centre is just around the corner.

Selling points

  • Like a mini Platinum Mall
  • Cheap teen , young adult clothes
  • Great place to get bargain deals
  • Shopping haven for girls
  • Great deals for fashionable clothes
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688 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong

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Tips for you

  • You should bargain your little heart out for unbeatable prices.
  • You should beware that you'll see some seriously tacky clothes, and you'll be bumping into other people because the mall isn't huge.
  • The higher floors tend to have cheaper pricing. Start shopping from the top level and make your way downwards.
  • Most of the shops tend to open a little later in the day so if you get there in the morning, don't expect many shops to be open at all.
  • It's pretty easy to find your way to Argyle, or you could just follow a group of teenagers in front of you because that's probably the way they're heading.
  • Guys, if you're going to take your girlfriend here to shop, prepare to walk a TON. There is a TON of things for females to buy. Most of the clothes are aimed towards the teenager and the female sizes are "one-size-fits-all, aka small".
    What to know
  • You should try the cold noodles at the basement of this mall known as "Bai Wei Cold Noodles".


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You can purchase your entire outfit here, from the most stylish to downright casual. Check out Kidults 2.0 on the 3/F for couple boxers!

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This is a place similar to Platinum Mall in Bangkok where you can find everything from clothes to shoes and accessories in affordable prices. Prices will be slashed further if they are having promotions or discounts. However, their products are usually catered for females. We went there around 11am but the shops were still closed and we found out from one of the sales person that they usually open around 3pm. This might because it is a weekday and the mall is usually frequented by students after school hours. The mall is linked to New Town Mall and is accessible from all floors. In comparison, the prices in New Town Mall is relatively higher than Argyle centre.

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