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Shopping Angkor Night Market St Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia Published on: 24-09-2016

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Angkor Night Market was founded in 2007 with the prime mission to restore as well as preserve traditional Khmer handicrafts while alleviating poverty and improving the lives of Khmer people.

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Why Angkor Night Market is special ?

Angkor Night Market is the first night market to open in Cambodia. The market founders were careful not to create a tourist park. Instead of warehouse-liked setting as in often case, you will find smoothly laid out huts built from natural materials and designed beautifully in Khmer style. Over the years, we have 240 souvenirs shops which sells traditional Cambodian made handicrafts from clothing’s, silk, painting and photography's, jewelries, wood and stone carvings.


What to explore at Angkor Night Market?

It’s truly a fun and experience to explore, dine, chill and shop after dark. The goods sold here, primarily by local communities as well as non-governmental organizations, encompass clothing, silk paintings, traditional handicraft items and wood and stone carvings. The biggest plus point is that majority of items you’ll come across here cannot be seen elsewhere.

If you’re a promoter of green living, then the ‘Angkor Recycled’ within the night market will interest you, with an extensive range of bags, wallets, purses and pouches made from recycled materials. Likewise, to take back home some stunning pieces of Khmer art and unique household items, be sure to stop by the night market’s Khmer Boutique, boasting of a vast array of traditional images and statutory carved out in stone or embellished in metals like silver and brass. Another interesting shopping spot in the market is the Pich Reamker Shop, with merchandise including theatrical masks and headwear made using authentic, traditional methods.

If shopping is not your cup of tea and you just want to relax, then two of the market’s upscale dining options: Island Bar and Brick House Bar will not disappoint.

You can further relieve your weariness by undergoing a stress-busting foot massage at the fish spa next to the Island Bar. It will cost you only around $3 for a 20-minute long massage. Above all, to get a slice of the Cambodian history, don’t miss the 3D cinema here, depicting the plight of people during the Pol Pot era.


Selling points

  • Ideal place for buying souvenirs
  • Colourful, lively and buzzing with energy
  • God deals, greater food
  • Nice and clean market
  • Just about what you expect
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Angkor Night Market St Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • As it can get crowded at some points, you need to pay attention to your belongings.
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  • Don't forget to bargain
    What need to do
  • If your feet can't take it anymore, they have foot massage for 1USD - 10 minutes massage.
    Things to do
  • You can be pushed or yelled by some people who are in rush but it's normal in some of the SA markets.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes because it can be so crowded and hot
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  • If you go with kids, don't let them run around as they can get lost.


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Well! Night market in Siem Reap is a collection of markets in an around OLD MARKET, CENTRAL MARKET, PUB STREET and so on. The whole city market is around this two km radius block.You can find anything that you want to buy in this city here. At a good price but make sure you check the quality. The food is cheap, so is transportation etc.So if you are here in the city do come here after you are done with the sight seeing on the day since they start at like 6 PM or so till midnight

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