Ancient Hue

Restaurant 104/47 Kiệt 104 Kim Long Kim Long, tp. Huế Thừa Thiên Huế Published on: 13-11-2015

07:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Fine Dining
12.00 - 40.00 USD

Ancient Hue is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
Good for senior Senior Good
Good for couple Couple Good
Good for solo Solo Good
Good for group Group Good
  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Ancient Hue restaurant is one of the most famous and attractive restaurants in Hue. The restaurant is constructed in royal and ancient style with quiet and fresh atmosphere.

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Why Ancient Hue is special ?

Ancient Hue restaurant is one of the most famous and attractive restaurants in Hue. The restaurant is constructed in royal and ancient style with quiet and fresh atmosphere. Ancient Hue restaurant is well known for its royal cuisine that decorates carefully and meticulously. Moreover, visitors come here not only to enjoy food but also the ancient view just only in Ancient Hue. Visitors can take part in cooking class that is organized daily to help them know how to make royal cuisine. Coming here, visitors will see a part of ancient Hue.


How to get to Ancient Hue?

You can come to Ancient Hue by many ways such as motorbike, bike, car, taxi, cyclo.

Walking: If you are in Kim Long Market, it is very easy for you to get there by walking. You go straight on Pham Thi Lien Street and turn right toward 104 Kim Long alley way. It takes about 5 minutes by walking to get there.

Selling points

  • Superb setting in Hue city
  • Delicious food, beautiful setting, great service
  • Elegant traditional restaurant
  • An Emperor for the night
  • Best dinner in Hue


  • Main cuisine Speciality
  • Noise level Small
  • Budget Medium
  • Alcohol YES
  • Air condition YES
  • Had kid menu NO
  • Accept credit card YES
  • Serve breakfast YES
  • Serve halal NO
  • Serve vegeterian YES
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3.0 days
89.97 USD
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Number of places
13 places




104/47 Kiệt 104 Kim Long Kim Long, tp. Huế Thừa Thiên Huế

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Tips for you

  • The restaurant is not inside the city and you maybe need to take a cab.
  • If you don’t know what food is delicious, ask the waiter for reference
  • The parking is great for cars, motorbikes and bikes.
  • The restaurant serves Wi-Fi free.
  • On some special days, the restaurant will organize interesting parties for travelers
  • - Cooking classes are available everyday four tourists.
  • If you go with crowded group, you should reserve by calling to the restaurant.
  • Restaurant’s scene is very beautiful and attractive, so you can take some nice pictures.
  • If you go in the summer, the weather is very hot so you can’t sit outside.
  • If you come to the restaurant on rainy day, you can’t see the view outside.
  • You are required not to leave litter.
  • Smoking is not allowed here.
  • The opening time of cooking class is flexible. You should ask them before coming.
  • There are some seats outside
  • The restaurant is crowded and busy at the weekend.
  • The restaurant’s location is difficult to find if you don’t bring maps.
  • If you go with kids, you should pay attention them to avoid bumping into someone.
  • If you intend to give yourself a treat from the usual street fare and eateries that you have been frequenting.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • If you come here on holidays such as Valentine day, Christmas, Women day, you can receive gift voucher or safe off.


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Excellent service and food but the rest location and ambiance is the best

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Amazing decor and gardens. Pricey but worth visiting once. Better to go at lunch - Less mosquitoes =)

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Wooden building in lush garden. Very nice ambience. For sure a perfect place for a special (upmarket) dinner. But I've defenitely had more authentic meals elsewhere.

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Try the Imperial dinner set. The local Vietnam wine is reasonably priced.

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Excellent food, fantastic atmosphere, quick service. Don't miss it.

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This place was very hidden so you definitely have to know where to go to find it. The atmosphere was pretty with an old-traditional look. I was very surprised to see that our small group were the only people dining in the restaurant and we were that at prime dinner time. They had the best, most ornate decorative food carvings that I saw in any of the restaurants on my 3 week trip in Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos. I'm not really a huge fan of Vietnamese food so can't appreciate appropriately what was offered. Other folks at our table liked the food. Because we were a group, the food options were selected for us so I never saw a menu to speak towards the menu variety. At the end, we waited and asked multiple times for our alcohol bill and they never brought us one so we ended up leaving. We didn't want to do this but had to catch our ride and even after asking for it multiple times, they never brought it to us. I'm not sure if that was a result of bad service or a way to tell us it was on the house. We had a local guide who was there and speaking to them in the local language but it didn't seem to change the outcome. Considering that the entire restaurant was empty, the service should have been able to be better.

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I had dinner in this restaurant on few occasion and it used to be nice in the past due to proper management. Last month I had dinner and ordered for Tom Yam soup which is a popular Thai soup and the soup was not at all Tom Yam soup, it was Vietnamese soup. When we talked to them they had not apology or to offer a different soup or not to charge for the item. No manager to come and say "sorry"Last night again I went there for dinner, ordered for two dishes - Grilled Tuna with sesame seed and Sirloin steam well done. Tuna was ok, but the steam was medium done because the mid part had lot of blood. 70% we ate the rest returned, but this management only want to take money and nothing else. They only worry how to grab the money from the customers not to think about customer satisfaction. I only go there just because of ambiance not for food. The presentation of food is nice but not the taste. The lush green ambiance is certainly nice.

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The wintery grey skies of Hue didn't do much to welcome us, and as we weaved through the traffic on our dodgy rented motorbikes we felt as though we were somewhere deep within Soviet Russia rather than the green pastures of Vietnam that we had seen in all the guide books.My subconscious was telling me to leave the confines of the inner city, explore more…search for that elusive "something" that was out there…but I didn't know what that "something" was. We rode through the misty rain, our North Face jackets keeping us warm, past the Imperial Citadel, along the Perfume river where I spotted a small, but ornate sign in the corner of my eye. "Ancient Hue" it read with an arrow pointing towards a narrow suburban lane. I honked at my husband ahead of me on his bike. "Let's go check this out" I said…."I wonder what it is?". We U-turned and made our way along the path, honking at chickens, dogs and small children that were in our path. We drove by some modest looking houses and a couple of hidden guesthouses. We still had no idea what "Ancient Hue" was, until we spotted the impressive gates. Even then it was a mystery. We could see two immaculately dressed ladies in their traditional Ao Dai. We felt a bit silly, but we got off our bikes, walked up to them and asked, "What is this place?". Ahhhh…It's a restaurant! The mystery was solved.Ancient Hue is a hidden sanctuary, an opportunity to immerse yourself in a place where they have tried their hardest to turn back time. Whether you want the emperor's experience (where you get to dress in royal regalia) and eat a set meal banquet or just relax and have a beautiful meal in one of the original buildings that has been moved to the site and painstakingly restored.We were guided to the Golden Dragon Dining Room where we were greeted by one of the most attentive and friendly people we have ever met. Thinh was amazing from the get go. We got talking about coffee and wine, and then he game us some good advice on what we should try from their varied menu. We went with the country duck and sticky pork teamed with a couple of glasses of chardonnay. Everything was delicious!The following evening we decided to return with our whole family group and boy were they impressed! We were lucky enough to be greeted by Thinh again, who looked after us very well. In between courses we were surprised by one of the staff members who came out to our table and did a vegetable carving demonstration just for us. Thinh also gave us a tour of the grounds, all beautifully lit with mood lighting and he explained to us the history behind the buildings and gave us a great insight into Vietnamese culture.We are so blessed to have been able to find this magical place on just a whim, and we have walked away with a new lifelong friend in Thinh. Ancient Hue really is a must do when you visit Hue, and make sure you say hello to Thinh when you're there! The food, the atmosphere and the eager to please staff will truly make your day.

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We had a set lunch menu here of traditional royal Hue food which was delicious and very different from other Vietnamese food that we have had. We started with a shrimp and asparagus soup, Hue fried pancake like Banh Xeo with a delicious sauce that was not the usual fish sauce, grilled chicken with lemon leaves, stewed pork with lemongrass, vegetables with shrimp, and taro mousse with ice cream. The service was very friendly and attentive. The decor is beautiful and in the old royal style. The vegetable carving demonstration was amazing.

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This is such a great restaurant with amazing beauty of the garden perfectly fit the traditionalRuong House. The foods are excellent and the service is so good! I would love to come back here!

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