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Attraction Alegre Guitar Factories Looc-Basak Rd Lapu-Lapu City Cebu Philippines Published on: 24-10-2017

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Alegre Guitar Factory is known as home of the best guitar craftsmen in the Philippines. Their products are exceptionally durable, affordable, and of great quality.

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Why Alegre Guitar Factory is special ?

One of the remarkable guitar-makers in Cebu is the Alegre Guitar Factory. The shop is owned and managed by Fernando M. Alegre. It is by far the most impressive-looking guitar factory in Abuno, Lapu-Lapu City. Its world-class guitars never cease to impress seasoned guitarists and musicians.

The Alegre family is one of the pioneers in the guitar-manufacturing business, which is on its third generation of proprietorship. Alegre’s quality guitars are made of indigenous materials, from the type of wood used to the shell ornaments, which make one unique instrument.

The shop exports their guitars to countries like Canada, Australia, Japan, and the United States. Visitors and prospective buyers, who are interested in the different stages of guitar-making, can take a look at the workshop to witness the craftsmen do the actual guitar-making process.


What to explore at Alegre Guitar Factory?

Alegre Guitar Factory has the most impressive looking guitar factory in Abuno. The standard guitars and other stringed instruments are neatly arranged in a showroom. The top-quality guitars are in a separate showroom. The personnel can also take you to the back of the lot where you can watch the guitar craftsmen at work in different stages of guitar-making. These guitars are exported to Japan and North America.

For the serious music hobbyist, however, the best-sounding guitars (in our opinion) are made and sold by Susing’s Guitars, a few meters down the road from Alegre. Some of the guitars sounded at least as good as Yamahas, for half the price. A musician and one time OFW guitarist who seemed to be a friend of the owner even played several tunes for us, to our delight


How to get to Alegre Guitar Factory?

It's located in Abuno, Pajac. Short distance from Maribago and close to Susing Guitar Shop. You can drop by this place on the way or catch a taxi to there.

Selling points

  • High quality products
  • World-Class Guitars
  • Best place for guitar lovers
  • Very good products
  • Reasonable price
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Alegre Guitar Factories Looc-Basak Rd Lapu-Lapu City Cebu Philippines

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Tips for you

  • Prices of Alegre-manufactured guitars and stringed instruments are quite expensive as compared to other guitar-selling shops.
  • Price ranges from PhP1500(ukelele) to a whooping PhP20,000.
  • If you are prepared to buy a handmade guitar, bring cash with you so you get a cash discount.
    What to bring
  • The shop is close by the airport and most taxi drivers know how to get there.
  • There is also an area for buying souvenirs
  • If you want your money’s worth and a guitar that will last for a considerable amount of time, you should definitely consider checking this store
  • This is not for those hunting for a cheap, quality guitar to buy.


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and she's loving it...

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When it comes to durability, made and Product. 95/100 Because it's too expensive. And to far to go to the store.

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and she's loving it...

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