Akechidaira Observation Area

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Akechi-daira (明智平) is the best viewpoint of the great and wonderful nature of Nikko. It’s on the way to Chuzen-ji Lake from downtown Nikko.

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Why Akechidaira Observation Area is special ?

The west view consists of Chuzen-ji Lake and Kegon-no-taki Falls. You might see a rainbow near the basin of the waterfall! The white building at the bottom of the falls is a special observation deck, which you can reach by a special elevator. There is a thinner and shorter falls than Kegon on the right. It is Shirakumo-no-taki (白雲の滝). The small town on the right edge of the lake is Chuzen-ji Onsen. There are a lot of inns and hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops. And the big mountain on the right is Mt. Nantai. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to see the entire mountain. But it’s quite rare, because Nikko is a very foggy place.

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What to explore at Akechidaira Observation Area?

Akechidaira Plateau (明智平) is located near the top of the ascending Irohazaka Winding Road. At the plateau, there is a parking lot with a free observation area that offers nice views onto the Irohazaka and the valley below. During autumn, this becomes a popular autumn color spot as fall colors spread across the landscape.

A rest house stands beside the parking lot, serving as a souvenir shop, cafeteria and the lower station of the Akechidaira Ropeway. In three minutes, the ropeway carries visitors to an observation platform further up the mountain for spectacular views over Kegon Waterfall and Lake Chuzenjiko. Outside of winter, it is also possible to reach this upper observation deck in about two hours (one way) via a hiking trail from Lake Chuzenjiko. The trail also connects to Mount Hangetsuyama.

Source: http://www.japan-guide.com/

How to get to Akechidaira Observation Area?

From JR or Tobu Nikko Station, take a Tobu bus bound for Chuzenjiko Onsen or Yumoto Onsen and get off at the Akechidaira bus stop. The bus ride takes about 35 minutes and costs 1100 yen one way. Note that buses in the opposite direction do not stop at Akechidaira.

Source: http://www.japan-guide.com/

Selling points

  • Good to stop and snap a few pics
  • Good view of Lake Chuzenji
  • Nice Views from the Top
  • Appetiser for the main event
  • Best way to view autumn foliage
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Japan, 〒321-1445, 栃木県日光市細尾町703

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Tips for you

  • A rest house stands beside the parking lot, serving as a souvenir shop, cafeteria and the lower station of the Akechidaira Ropeway.
  • You can see the waterfalls and city from here.
    What to see
  • The ropeway is known as the best way to view the autumn foliage
    What to see
  • When you reach the top, you have a very good view of Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls.
  • Wild monkeys sometimes roam the parking lot and climb cars and try to snatch food from tourists, so you should be careful.
  • The views are amazing during the sunset hours.
  • Akechidaira tends to get very crowded during the autumn color season in October and early November with traffic congestion and a lack of parking lots, especially on weekends and national holidays.
    What to know
  • The one way fee is 390 yen (child: 190 yen) and the round trip fee is 710 yen (child: 360 yen).
    Ticket and Pricing


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the ropeway is known as the best way to view the autumn foliage, it provides an overall view of the Kegon waterfall + Chuzenji Lake + Nantaisan. But take note you must later on take the bus up to Chuzenji onsen to take bus back to Nikko becoz the way back to Nikko Station is different from the way up

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