Aeon Mall Kyoto

Shopping 25 Saiinoiwakecho Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture Japan Published on: 12-03-2016

10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Apparel & Accessories
Food & Spirits
Local souvenir
5.00 USD

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Aeon Mall Kyoto is located in the heart of Kyoto City . It has plenty of shopping malls inside Aeon Mall as well as plenty of restaurants

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Why Aeon Mall Kyoto is special ?

Aeon Mall Kyoto is an extremely opulent and grand shopping centre .Many things from food, clothes or drink and lots of entertainment areas can be found in this place. Aeon Mall Kyoto is an off the beaten, most costumers come here are locals.

There are quite a number of Japanese and international name brands, some nice boutiques and a supermarket. A viable option to the busier and crowded Kyoto station and Karasuma side when you're nearby.

Aeon Mall Kyoto will held“Learn and Play! Future Park ”.Four of our educational projects will be exhibited; “Sketch Aquarium”, “Light Ball Orchestra”, “Hopscotch for Genius” and “Story of the time when gods were everywhere” in this place.

What to explore at Aeon Mall Kyoto?

In this mall, there are different levels devoted to different categories.

The first floor includes : KOHYO (supermarket) ,Mary (jewelry accessories), ZARA (ladies' men) and SAC'S BAR (bag, clothing accessories)

The second floor includes :Aeonpet.Co.LTD. (Pet Products) [kaede building], UNITED, ARROWS green label relaxing (family), TOMMY HILFIGER (family), LEPSIM LOWRYS, FARM (ladies') and MUJI (life miscellaneous goods)

The third floor includes : UNIQLO (family casual) ,Right-on (family) ,PicNic MARKET by mikihouse (Baby kids), KANEKO OPTICAL Kaneko glasses (glasses) ,I clock (Watches), Sofmap (Personal Computers game, carrying) and Super Sport Xebio (Sport) [kaede building]

The fourth floor is VILLAGE VANGUARD (Books, miscellaneous goods

How to get to Aeon Mall Kyoto?

It’s a 10-minute walk from Kyoto Station Hachijyoguchi to Aeon Mall Kyoto .

city bus: The 16 size system Article 9 garage - Kyoto station square.Kyoto station square in front of 19 size system side main thoroughfare garage The 78 size system Kuse industrial area - Kyoto station square.

Selling points

  • Easy to get lost in all the lovely shops
  • Convenient Location and Decent Mall”
  • As far as malls go, this is a great one
  • Out of the ordinary and quite spectacular
  • Expect the Unexpected
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25 Saiinoiwakecho Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture Japan

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Tips for you

  • They establish "restroom of all"which is extensive space, visitor of the use is reliable in wheelchair and Stroller, too. They install toilet seat for small child and multipurpose universal seat. These tolets are at Sakura building and Kaede building
  • They establish "baby room" where you can let alone Baby Bet.
  • There are plenty of restaurants there
  • There are also water heaters to cook milk and shopping that you are with baby is reliable. They establish the following ATM section in AEON MALL KYOTO on the first-floor center court side (in front of drugstore DAKS) It has free wifi at Sakura building the first floor INFORMATION Center court and the fourth floor Food Court Koto Holl
  • The grocery store opens at 9:00 so if you need something it opens a little bit early.
  • In the case of emergency they also install lifesaving device"AED" at the time of heart stop (AED) which is method that is very effective to save cardiopulmonary arrest patient. There are so many people here in rush hours so you should take care of your kids
  • Aeon Mall Kyoto is located on the west side of New Miyako Hotel which consists of two buildings
  • There are so lots of spaces to park car in this place
  • You should bring cheque in order not to wait so long for paying bills
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The AEON Mall was right across the street from our hotel, so we headed over there to check it out. It was a strong reminder of how overwhelming shopping in a foreign country can be, but it was such an interesting experience. In this mall, there seemed to be different levels devoted to different categories. One floor was mostly women's clothes, one floor was mostly entertainment stores, one was the food court, etc

Usually it seems to me that Aeon mall is located in inconvenience place because they need huge place naturally that's why they are located in countryside. However surprisingly It showed up near Kyoto station! It takes a bit work though. The only times I have been for explored it right after new opening Just not bad. To be honest the mall disappointed me that they didn't have something special for me, almost the same as any other shopping mall. I think it is good to have big Toy'sRus for a family. Mom could have food, children could enjoy toys, and dad could read some books about him hobby.

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